“The mind that dies every day to the memories of yesterday, to all the joys and sorrows of the past such a mind is fresh, innocent, it has no age; and without that innocence, whether you are ten or sixty, you will not find God.” — J. Krishnamurti

In Zen Buddhism there is a notion called “beginner’s mind.” This is the mind you have when you approach something completely knew for the very first time. It is a mind open to discovering this new thing, unburdened by judgment, comparisons, or pre-conceived ideas. It is a mind open to possibilities and receptive to to what is immediate and current reality in the present moment. This mind is capable of anything.

To move more easily and openly in your life, to discover new possibilities and to be available to intuition and Divine Guidance, you must learn to let go of your pre-conceived ideas about “how it should be”. Release your need to be in control! Let judgment, comparisons, resentments and unforgiveness die from lack of attention. This is the tomb of the dark night of the soul. Rest here a moment, and revel in the freedom.

Contemplate: What situation in your life is calling for you to have “beginner’s mind.” What needs to die in you today, so your life can blossom into the beauty it’s meant to be.

Affirmation: Today I approach my life with an open beginner’s mind. I release and let die any old hurts, judgements, and expectations. I embrace my life fresh and new.