Business (Speed) Expo

Business (Speed) Expo

time 12:00 pm

September 22, 2019

September 22, from Noon – 1:30pm

Have you ever wondered what industry or line of business other CSLDallas members are in? Well, come find out! We’ve got a diverse group to explore, meet and learn about businesses in our community.

Click Here For The Link To The Registrants 

You may just find your next contractor, real estate agent, therapist, travel expert, business partner, AND MORE in 2 minutes increments, hence the “speed” Expo.
Each participant will have 2 minutes to share what they do, pass out cards, brochures, etc. before the timer chimes indicating a : 30-second shift to the next table, who will then share what they do.
We’ll have great snacks for you to enjoy along the way as well. Together We Thrive!