Breakthrough – From Limitation to Limitless

Breakthrough – From Limitation to Limitless

time 1:00 pm

July 14, 2019

Sunday, July 14 @ 1:00 – 3:30pm
Facilitated by Rev Karen – Certified Firewalking Instructor

$25 in advance – $30 at door – FREE CHILDCARE


Breakthrough – From Limitation to Limitless

Not quite living the life of your dreams, what’s holding you back? Is it limiting beliefs, habitual patterns, or being stuck in a particular area of your life? Discover and breakthrough what’s limiting your greatest and highest potential. Commit, step into, and claim your most phenomenal, joy-filled, prosperous life!

This workshop is designed to move you from that which is limiting you to unleashing your limitless potentiality, creative ideas, and financial freedom. It is filled with exciting experiences, including a BOARD BREAKING activity. This workshop will provide you the tools and techniques to breakthrough and breakout!