I have to tell you, I’m proudest of my life off the court. There will always be great basketball players who bounce that little round ball, but my proudest moments are affecting people’s lives, effecting change, being a role model in the community.  Magic Johnson

You can do spiritual work alone in a cave or in your home, but in a community with others it’s give and take, sharing and receiving. When the artistic director of our community recently made her transition, the choir showered her husband with continual love until he surfaced stronger again. Learning with others brings a diversity of perspectives around abstract concepts. Welcoming a child into the world with a spiritual family committing to lifelong support is comforting. Celebrating the times of joy and supporting during times of pain are gifts of community. To grow with individuals of like mind in affinity groups of a larger family is empowering. To have a shoulder to cry on with someone who understands your spiritual beliefs is calming. When you have friends to sing, dance, and feast with you are never alone.

Buddhists call their community a sangha, meaning a fellowship or group you share and spiritually grow with. In order to help build the sangha, you must continue to develop your inner qualities so you can contribute to the group. The beauty of community is that other members may awaken you to areas from your inner work that can still use some attention. Be grateful for your spiritual family and trust the process.

Spiritual Contemplation: What keeps me from engaging more in spiritual community?

Affirmation: My spiritual community is a blessing in my life!