Human Intelligence is like a Blue Whale. Both are powerful though nowadays almost extinct.  Anonymous

There are all sorts of theories to explain why whales beach themselves. One of the reasons, other than sickness, is that they become disoriented while chasing food. Whales eat extremely small food, large amounts of it, but small nonetheless. These giants of the sea can be lured to their death by something very small comparative to their size. They are left stranded on the sand to die because they’ve sacrificed their vast power by chasing something so small.

Be careful not to become disoriented by chasing something so insignificant that it sidetracks you and you find yourself marooned on a barren beach gasping for breath. It’s often the little things that trip us up. When those little things demand too much of our attention, big challenges can surface because we have withdrawn our awareness from the fuller picture of our purpose and have lasered in on the microscopic. We need to bring our awareness back from the energy drains so we’re not lured out of our element.

Spiritual Contemplation: What little things pull you off track and drain the energy from your life’s purpose, leading you toward the possibility of being marooned?

Affirmation: My pursuits expand my awareness!

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