Be master of mind rather than mastered by mind.  Zen Saying

Many of the youth today learn the skills of a martial art, and it’s fun to watch the young masters developing their craft. Although they look the part in their freshly pressed uniforms, as they put their routines together, often something is still missing. You’d find out quickly what that is if you were to step up behind them and engage in some playful wrestling. While they may be well schooled in the fine art they haven’t yet moved from practice to real life performance.

On the path of mastery in the metaphysical realm, there is a plethora of teachers and dojos to learn from. The self-help section overwhelms the shelves in bookstores, and conversations of spiritual insights fill the airwaves. People are talking the talk and more than ever espousing the lessons like candy from a dispenser. Yet the appropriate attitude of application in so many lives has not arrived. Life and its challenges can sneak up from behind and unexpectedly grab you. Will you know how to apply all these lessons to the assailants of constriction, fear, anxiety, broken-heartedness, or medical verdicts? Does the size of the attacker matter and are your moves transferable from theory to application? The only way to find out if you know beyond concept is when life shows you your stuff. Are you ready for your next belt?

Spiritual Contemplation: Where are you being tested to show your mastery of the forms of this world right now? Where have you not passed in demonstrating your prowess of consciousness over form? Are you ready to walk the talk of lessons learned and put it into action by taking it to the streets of your life?

Affirmation: My attitude is right for applying Spirit in all areas of my life!