Anything that has integrity holds its shape. Buckminster Fuller

My favorite definition of integrity is “the state of being whole or undivided” in the same way the hull of a ship has absolute integrity. Each sheet of metal, each rivet, each plank is so completely integrated that they have become one, whole, unified structure. Integrity isn’t about living by someone else’s moral code or behaving perfectly. It’s about being wholly in alignment with yourself or with your purpose. This is just as true for a team or business.

We often speak about being “perfect” from our spiritual perspective, but this perfection is not a flawless or static state. It’s not something you achieve or attain. To be “perfect” is to be whole and complete, just as you are . . . right now! You are wholly and completely yourself—you cannot be anyone else. When you bring your whole self into everything you do, operating in alignment with your purpose and values or those of your work, then you are in integrity!

Spiritual Contemplation: Am I in integrity or am I trying to be perfect? What activities do I still need to bring my whole self to?

Affirmation: I am wholly myself. I bring all of me—my values, my spirituality, my strength and my skills—to everything I do. This is the unique way Spirit is showing up as me. I live in integrity with myself!

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