2020 Vision
Believing Is Seeing – Seeing Is Believing


What is Adventures In Spirit?

Adventures In Spirit gives us the opportunity to dive into the Spiritual Laws of Circulation, Prosperity, Attraction, Tithing, and the Spiritual Practice of Sacred Giving. As we Believe that Life Itself is abundant and know that this is true for our life as well, we experience Seeing these spiritual truths come to life fully and completely in our own life and the life of our community.

Our annual pledge campaign provides us the perfect opportunity to practice sacred giving and tithing while intentionally activating the Law of Circulation.

Together, we’ll choose local non-profits to tithe to in the coming year. We’ll deepen our faith, trust, and spiritual practice together while committing to Believing and Seeing continued growth for CSLDallas.

Your individual pledge creates a sacred covenant with CSLDallas in 2020. Our collective pledges create the basis for the annual budget and our leadership strives to only ask for your financial support once a year. We commit to spend no more than what everyone collectively promises to give.

Our programs and services are supported exclusively by our contributions. If we want to experience more together, we all need to decide to pledge more than ever before. If you have not pledged before, this is the perfect time to start! If you are already a regular contributor, thank you! Let’s increase our giving and exceed our goals because our community makes a huge difference through the Power of Love and in Transforming Lives!

Our 2020 Priorities

There is so much going on at CSLDallas and so many things we are working on – it’s super exciting! Every year our CORE Council sets our intention and priorities so you can see, contribute to, and participate in what’s unfolding. Here’s a look at what’s at the top of the list for 2020.

Complete 2019 Priorities

We have much to report on our accomplishments from our 2019 priorities. Some of them are so big and long-term that they simply couldn’t be accomplished in just one year. While we’ve made great progress this year, we want to stay the course and bring them to full fruition and completion.

1 – JOY Village Playground. We finally have both the landlord and the city of Farmers Branch’s approval! Now it’s time to furnish and build it to open next spring.

2 – Spiritual Maturity Map and Assessment. The Map is completed, and our first Devoted Members have been recognized. An online Spiritual Maturity Assessment tool is now beginning created, both for internal and external use. Want to know how to deepen on your journey?  You’ll soon be able to find out!

3Supporting our Neighbors – businesses in our local community. The CSLDallas Institute is being developed to provide tools and training for our business neighbors – bringing mindfulness, stress relief, meditation, and values-based leadership to our local community.

Connecting more deeply in Person

As a Center, we continue to expand our spiritual opportunities throughout the week. New Offerings are being planned beyond Sunday and Wednesdays, including:

  • Healing Service – A Sacred Space and Experience for healing dis-ease in the physical body and beyond. (led by Rev Karen and Practitioner Tracy Brown)
  • Timeless Wisdom Gathering – Expanding spirituality and consciousness. A gathering for the purpose of Authentic Living, Deepening Connection, and Activating Minds and Hearts (led by Dr Petra)
  • The Cosmic Christ – The Powerful Metaphysical Teachings of Jesus. Start doing the “greater works” Jesus said you can do. Gain a fuller comprehension of the impact that the philosophy of Jesus can have in your life and on the world today. (led by Rev Karen)

4 – Meditation Chapel Open Midday Mon-Thurs, 12 noon to 1 pm, for meditation, mindfulness, and stillness

5 – Devoted Member and Member Events for spiritual deepening and connection

Making Our Teachings Available Online

People are hungry for what we’ve found here at CSLDallas and in the Science of Mind. We are focusing on creating spiritual content, beyond the Sunday Talks, that our local and online community can have at their fingertips. CSLDallas is becoming a resource center for spiritual messages, inspirational information, and practical tools for everyday spiritual living, including:

  • Downloadable pamphlets and booklets
  • E-courses for self-directed learning
  • Short videos for uplift and inspiration
  • Guided Spiritual Mind Treatments for common challenges and manifestations