If you surrender your whole self to the Divine Spirit, knowing that of your own human self you can do nothing, you get rid of the self which is impotent. You brush aside its weakness, its fears, its doubts, its misunderstandings, and its uncertainties, and you think back to that Divine Center within you which is Spirit.

Say to yourself:
I know there is a Presence of Perfection at the center of my being.
I feel the Divine Life flowing though me, animating every atom of my being.
And I feel that everyone else is of like nature – we all live and move and have our being in God.
I now affirm with complete acceptance that the Intelligence which created all things is leading and guiding me to the accomplishment of every good and worthwhile purpose.
The Presence exists at the very center of my being and is flowing through me, establishing happiness, joy, abundance, harmonious living and a constructive use of the creative power of my mind. I am now open to new ideas, new hopes, and new aspirations.