“Give thanks, and praise the Spirit of God for the law of the self-increasing potency of every substance….There is good in the Universe, and I ought to have it.” — Emma Curtis Hopkins

Your life can never be too good. Your happiness does not take anything from anyone else. You do actually deserve to have a wonderful, fulfilling and meaningful life. You don’t have to earn it by being perfect nor do you have to be worry about there not being enough to go around.

Sometimes you may feel you have to pay a tax for your wonderful life. You may pay your tax in worry, control, waiting for the other shoe to drop, or simply an inability to accept your good. However, there is NO tax to pay for Spirit’s bounty, joy, love, and presence. Simply practice enjoying it!

Contemplation: Are you enjoying and accepting the bounties, joy, love and meaning in your life? Where is worry draining your joy away?

Affirmation: I accept my good. I accept my good. I accept my good!