A Mindfulness Exercise

Jul 2, 2021 | Overcoming Fear, Limitation, and Lack, Short Takes

Repeat after me: 

I know that the divine presence,  

is always closer to me than my very breath.  

I have nothing to fear. 

I feel this loving protection around me. 

I know that the song of Joy Love and Peace, 

is forever chanting itself,  

at the center of my being. 

Therefore, I tune out of my mind, 

all unhappy thoughts, negative thoughts, and negative ideas. 

I direct my thoughts to the joys of life.  

To brightness and laughter. 

To the joyous presence of Spirit. 

I lay aside all anxiety,  

and let boundless love  

operate through me into my affairs.  

Joyfully I expect greater abundance,  

more success,  

and a deeper peace.  

I keep my mind  

“Stayed” on spirit,  

and spirit sings its song  

of ecstasy in my life.