You have this idea that you’d better keep working otherwise people will forget. And that was dangerous. Robin Williams

It was on this date in 2014 that Robin Williams took his own life, joining the likes of Whitney Huston, Seymour Hoffman, and Marilyn Monroe. The human psyche alone is not strong enough to carry the longed-for-desire of the masses without eventually buckling under the pressure. Substances can give a false sense of coping that, when abused, create a dependency that ultimately leads to one’s self-loathing and demise.

It is only in the soul’s growth and strengthening that you’ll be able to handle the projections of others. Your urge to express life through the arts, gifts, talents, and passion will help you develop the skills to handle the energy of abundant success. Success excites not only your soul but the cellular level of your body as well, and through its expression you will become more alive than you ever knew was possible. This natural high is intoxicating, though it cannot be sustained and you must learn how to come down and integrate back into life. The genius expression must be carefully integrated if not mentored into the balanced human experience if the deliverer is to survive.

Spiritual Contemplation: How do you come down from your natural highs without crashing?

Affirmation: I am balanced in my life’s expression.

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