Ready to envision something new for your life? Visioning is a key spiritual practice to help you unlock your future and hear the nudge of Spirit as it seeks to guide you.

Awaken, Surrender, Allow your greatest potential to emerge through the “inner technology” of Visioning.

Bring heaven to earth through this organic process of manifestation. Discover the direction and clarity of your life goals with the transformational tool from which our Spiritual Community implements its Mission and Vision.

In 4 weeks of Visioning, you will —

  • Anchor in unconditional love.
  • Tap into Universal Mind.
  • Activate Deep Listening.
  • Catch Spirit’s Highest Vision for your life.
  • Open to your greater purpose.
  • Increase your spiritual awareness.
  • Take action based on Divine guidance.
  • Embody and Embrace your bigger pattern.

Length of Class: 4 weeks

Prerequisite: Foundations of the Science of Mind

Certified Hours: 24

Text Book: Workbook

Tuition: $125 

This class is part of the Science of Mind & Spirit Track, LEVEL TWO Elective


Registration Now Open


Every Thursday from 7 - 10p
July 6 - 27, 2017

Led by Dorayne Breedlove RScP

Cost: $125