This Thing Called You

This Thing Called You is a course in practical spirituality for dynamic living. In this class you will explore and realize an expanded and empowered life. You’ll discover your individual place in the universal scheme of things and find out how your personal relationship to the Creative Power can open doors to fulfillment in your daily experience. Learn powerful, practical spiritual tools for everyday living. Transcend old beliefs for a new dynamic experience of life. Experience your essential spirituality and find a greater you than you may realize.

Length of Class:  8 weeks

Prerequisite:  Foundations of the Science of Mind

Certified Hours:  24

Text Books: This Thing Called You – Ernest Holmes

Tuition & Fee:  $245


This class is part of the Science of Mind & Spirit Track, LEVEL TWO  Elective




Led by Rev Karen

Cost: $245

Daytime Class:
Every Tuesday from 10am - 1pm
June 13 - August 8, 2017 Skip July 4

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Evening Class:
Every Tuesday from 7 - 10pm
June 13 - August 8, 2017 Skip July 4

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