Spirit At Work Circle

Spirit At Work Circle

time 1:00 pm

Every Fourth Sunday from

May 27, 2018

A Business Ministry

We share, pray, and prosper.

Purpose: The Spirit at Work Circle centers on applying Spiritual Principles in all aspects of work and career life, highlighting Universal Laws such as the Law of Circulation. Participating in this Circle allows each person to be empowered, and celebrated within the SAW community. We employ the power of Affirmative Prayer and benefit from helping each other grow past our own limited thinking.

Mission:   Our Mission is to empower the individual to use their spiritual principles in all aspects of their workday world. Participants learn how they may bring their Spiritual Principals into their work experience and thrive.

Participants: We welcome everyone including entrepreneurs, artists, and anyone involved in the business, corporate, and nonprofit world.

Description of Meetings: Initially, our time together is similar to a “Sangha-like” discussion group that empowers entrepreneurs through Spiritual growth.

Meeting Information: 4th Sunday each month at 1:00pm.

Leaders of Circle: Tom Boldrey, tboldrey@aol.com, 214-390-6237
Carl Hunt, carlhunt49@gmail.com, 469-774-4965
Becky Homko, beckyhomko@gmail.com, 832-559-0201