Friday Night Lights – Kirtan Meditation

Friday Night Lights – Kirtan Meditation


time 7:00 pm

Every Third Friday from

May 19, 2017

Kirtan Meditation takes one on a journey into the Divine Self. One is pulled to a place of peace and compassion, for self, for life and for others. Join us each month for a blissful journey into your internal reservoir of Love.

7:00 – 8:30pm Every Third Friday
Led by Sharon Rose McGregor, Doug Klein, Char de Sostoa & Nick Martin

Kirtan is an aspect of Bhakti Yoga, one of the six branches of Yoga, and is the path of heart and devotion. Those who practice Bhakti Yoga see the Divine in everyone and everything he or she encounters. Kirtan offers you a very simple and powerful way to meditate; it is effortless and joyful. The music, whether you sing or not, allows you to step in to flow and peace. The chants are done in a call and response format and are sung in Sanskrit, the most ancient of languages.