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Annual Prosperity and Pledge Programais2016-logo-stripe
Expanding to Infinite Heights!

We’ve just added 9,000 square feet – now let’s grow into it! One of our over-arching priorities is to Live Into Our Expansion through expanding our children’s program, services and education. Using every square foot in service to our purpose – Radically Inclusive, Spiritually Progressive, Transforming Lives – we intend to further our community, our prosperity, and our contribution to the world through the following priorities:

  • Nurturing the CSLDallas Experience CSLDallas provides extraordinary community every step of the way – from Foundations to Spiritual Leadership, from child to teen to young adult, from first impression to being part of the fabric of our community. We are committed to finding new ways to engage with and nurture you at every stage of your journey with us.
  • Expanding the Mind CSLDallas is committed to teaching and practicing the Science of Mind and Spiritual Living. We are focused on broadening our educational reach by becoming a certified Science of Mind Online course provider through Centers for Spiritual Living. We are committed to deepening our contribution by laying the groundwork for our Ministerial Training. We will also be adding more teachers and new coursework from Centers for Spiritual Living, taking our educational offerings to new heights.
  • Enticing Engagements CSLDallas is all about collaboration, connection, and exploring new DFW-wide partnerships along with sharing space with new renters and entrepreneurs. We will be offering new meetups for the spiritually interested and courses that bridge to the progressive Christian community, as well as exploring and creating additional gatherings and experientials that go beyond the Sunday morning experience.
  • Taking It Up and Out With our new sign, CSLDallas is finally easier to find! Now we’re prepared to capitalize on the creativity and skills of our community to reach more people in more ways than ever before. We will explore and develop innovative ways to get our message and purpose in front of those who are looking for a home like CSLDallas, and engage our younger generation in their emerging leadership while leaning on the wisdom of our elders.


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