June at CSLDallas

Be The Power of the Word

The one new and unique thing about Science of Mind is this thing we call “Spiritual Mind Treatment (SMT)”. It is a powerful mental and spiritual technology designed to use the Power of the Word to induce belief, carving a new intention and expectation into our subconscious mind. This gives a new direction to the Universal Power and sets a new Cause in motion in the Law. SMT is a practice that provides a shortcut to manifestation. In addition, used daily, it is a powerful spiritual practice which develops consciousness, awareness, and connection.

“Spiritual Mind treatment is an art and a science,” Ernest Holmes states. The science is in the deliberate use of the Law, the art is in the feeling and words used to create consciousness. This month we will explore this profound technique, diving into each of the 5 steps that together develop an awareness and a consciousness designed to create results. These results can be specific things such as a new car, home, or greater wealth and success. It can be personalized to manifest better health, happier relationships, and experience more inner peace. It can be all-encompassing, as experiencing cosmic consciousness, healing our planet, or creating a world that works for everyone.

We use the term “Spiritual Mind Treatment” (SMT) we should not think of it as a prayer that is trying to go somewhere or impact something outside of ourselves. Rather, it is more like a medicinal treatment for our subconscious mind. We treat a headache with aspirin, and we treat sore muscles with massage, in each case expecting to get results – a healed or changed condition. In the same way, we use SMT to treat our consciousness – to impact/change/grow the set of beliefs that are the operating system running our lives. This process can heal a false belief thereby changing a condition but more importantly, it can realign our beliefs with a greater awareness of truth, allowing us to experience and express more of the good we desire. SMT is for the purpose of co-creation – that we may create and experience heaven on earth.

In support of this powerful exploration, our book of the month is the beautiful “Sacred Continuum” by Stephanie Sorensen. This heartfelt and lovely book is one of Dr Petra’s favorites. It reminds us how to live in greater expectancy between the times we speak our word in our SMT. In addition, Dr Petra will be providing a deeper dive into the practice of SMT with her “Mysticism and Manifestation” workshop on June 23rd.


The Sacred Continuum by Stephanie Sorensen

What do we do in between our spiritual practice time? How do we stay committed to the word we have spoken, and the result we expect? We can learn to transcend the world of appearances (which may be showing us the opposite of our word) with a ceaseless acknowledgment of Spirit as the only true Source, Substance, and Power. The Universal Presence and Power is present whether we acknowledge or ignore It in our daily lives. Universal Creative Energy doesn’t turn off until we are ready to “use” – it is always active, whether we’re ready or not. Learning to think and speak in alignment with spiritual truth all of the time, we realize that every thought and word has power because we live every moment in the creative Sacred Continuum of Spirit.

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