A World That Works for Everyone


This vision is grounded and based on Ernest Holmes’ What We Believe and The Global Vision. The Global Vision is the vision of our entire organization, Centers for Spiritual Living.


Hundreds of Thousands of people holding this vision throughout this country and the world. It’s happening and we will hold this vision together until it becomes a reality!

When we place before us a vision of that which harms no one and serves all, and stand steadfast in maintaining that vision as something that must become a reality, when we secure it with a faith as strong as the faith we have that the sun must rise in the morning, then everything required to bring it into our experience is attracted to us and everything unlike it is dissipated. This is true for everything from the micro of our own health, wealth, creative expression and loving relationships to a “world that works for everyone.”

We recognize that what we envision, “a world that works for all,” is not particular to our faith or any of us as individuals; it is in fact the desire of the most people, and in so being our job is to convince ourselves of the possibility and to imagine it as a reality.

And so our work begins to clarify our thinking, and resolutely practice seeing goodness, truth and beauty in ourselves and in each other, and follow up with appropriate activities that demonstrate that what we have imagined has changed us.

Then we become and we model the spiritual prototype – the mental equivalent thereby transforming the collective consciousness of the world.

It is up to us to LIVE the vision, TRUST the process and BE TENACIOUS in our spiritual practice and our behavior so that it becomes a reality in the world.