May at CSLDallas

Reimagine Prosperity

While we are in the midst of Sacred Disruption, Reimagine Everything, let’s think about reimagining prosperity. This isn’t because the Abundance of the Universe has changed, it’s because our lives, what matters, and our impact on others and the earth has changed. A little history and a little context will show us that the absolute qualities of the Infinite Nature of the Universe are forever “taking form and releasing the form It has taken so it can take new form.” Ernest Holmes. There are countless examples, so let’s start with blacksmiths and car mechanics.

As the auto industry took over and blacksmiths lost their livelihood a whole new line of work opened which brought prosperity to so many more people. This in turned created a car culture which brought joy and prosperity to virtually every family and is has created serious consequences to the health of our planet. So now new forms must emerge which will once again change the landscape of work, transportation, and our lives, but why should we fear that there will be less prosperity than before. Actually, with each round of these kinds of re-evolutions, more prosperity is experienced by even more people. Despite any news to the contrary, we live in the most globally prosperous times in human history.

Yet many of us, here in the most prosperous nation in the world, in a positive, empowering spirituality, don’t feel as prosperous as we believe we should be experiencing. Perhaps it’s because we have to reimagine our definition of and understanding of Prosperity.

What might it look like if we developed a new understanding of prosperity? A prosperity that felt like the Abundance of the Universe in full bloom in our lives…like the desert blooming after a spring rain, or a lush rainforest teeming with both animal and plant life, or like the whole ecosystem of Mother Earth which, baring human interference, always seems to have enough of whatever is needed for life to thrive and flourish.

Sometimes it seems that our celebration of the abundance of life has gotten intertwined with the modern economic engine of dissatisfaction, always needing more, better, the latest and greatest and coolest new something. Operative word on some “thing” that will make us feel cool sexy, desirable, and powerful and fulfill. What if true prosperity is not being bogged down by stuff, living debt free, savoring & enjoying life through shared experiences and contribution rather than the acquisition of things, endless stuff which inevitably can’t fill us up.

This month let’s reimagine prosperity in our own terms, where being abundant means having enough. Let’s make sure that our “enough” is defined by our deepest desires to contribute and experience rather than advertising and social media. In an Abundant Universe there is always enough, even when the form changes. Just as there is an abundance of energy, even if there isn’t an abundance of oil, or more importantly the impact and oil driven life is no longer sustainable enough. Yet there is unlimited energy in wind, solar, and other forms that harness the abundant energy of the Universe.

Now this does not mean that having enough means you can’t have your good. Not by any means. You can have all the good you can accept. This means realizing that you are constantly attracting the Abundance of the Universe to you. Attracting, Expecting & Accepting your good goes way beyond your paycheck or bank account.  There are so many unexpected ways that Good comes to you that you can cultivate. Prosperity includes money but isn’t only about money.

Money is a form of energy, that’s why we call it currency. It’s a current that flows, continually.  And this current, like a good river, must be cared for. We call this being a good steward over our money, time, talents, and energy. Being a good steward means our lives flourish because they are sustainable and resilient. Sustainability and resilience rely not only on our own prosperity, to handle crisis or change, but they also rely on the well-being of the earth and the people around us. This means our prosperity must be in alignment with and contribute to the sustainability and resilience of the earth and its people. Sustainable and resilient agriculture, business, politics, and families means the whole system is expressing the abundance of the Universe and experiencing a life of fulfillment and prosperity

To experience a truly meaningful and fulfilling life is the hallmark of prosperity, not the stuff or lifestyle others want you to buy. Instead fill your life with true GEMS – Generosity of Energy, Money, and Spirit. This is the beginning of a reimagined prosperity which we might call “Financial Freedom.”  Ernest Holmes reminds us that there is “no Divine Plan expect the Plan for Freedom.” Imagine yourself so filled by energy, money and spirit that you are satisfied with life. This deep joy of experiencing the Abundance of the Universe in turn pours out of you as generosity, money, and spirit. Now the circle is complete, the current is ever flowing, and a new, reimagined prosperity is assured.

CSL Dallas