June at CSLDallas

Ignite the Teachings of Jesus

The teachings of the Science of Mind are drawn from many sources, but a significant inspiration comes from the teachings of Jesus. Not the teachings “about” Jesus as the only Son of God and the sacrificial lamb, but the teachings are at the heart of his compassionate, expansive, spiritually grounded message.

Science of Mind takes seriously the message of Jesus that starts with the notion that the Kingdom of Heaven is within, and the indwelling God is the inner truth of who we are. We then build on the powerful manifestation techniques that Jesus taught as “It is done unto you as you believe” and that we should affirm our good “believing we have already received, and we shall receive.”

Ernest Holmes thought we should be particularly empowered by the notion that even greater miracles and healings than Jesus did, we could do also. We should expect our affirmative prayer, Spiritual Mind Treatment, to heal and manifest beyond the expectation of ordinary consciousness.

Finally, Jesus’ message of abundance, immortality, inclusivity, and belonging form a cornerstone of the Science of Mind and our Global Vision. Whether you were raised in a Christian tradition or not, there is much to learn and be inspired by in these teachings.

Learn how Jesus is the great example, rather than a savior that stands between us and the Divine Presence. Discover who you came here to be as we dive into our Book of the Month, Words that Heal Today by Ernest Holmes. Discovering a profoundly empowering look at how we can understand and use the teachings of Jesus to heal and grow our own lives.

Note: The image on our altar, in the sanctuary during the month of June, is by Janet McKenzie and is entitled Jesus of the People. Jesus stands holding His robes, one hand hear His heart, and looks at us – and to us. He is flanked by three symbols. The yin-yang symbol represents perfect harmony, the halo conveys Jesus’ holiness and the feather symbolizes transcendent knowledge. The feather also refers to the Native American and the Great Spirit. The feminine aspect is served by the fact that although Jesus was designed as a man with a masculine presence, the model was a woman. The essence of the work is simply that Jesus is all of us.




Words That Heal Today
by Ernest Holmes

In Words That Heal Today, Dr. Holmes peels away the shroud of dogma surrounding Jesus the man and Jesus the spiritual master. In language that convinces mind, heart and soul, he unveils the awareness that Jesus the Christ inititated his disciples into.

Jesus the man fully awakened to the Universal Christ Presence within. With “one hand in the hand of God and the other in the hand of humanity,” he performed his work, commanding Divine Law from a consciousness of Divine Love. He taught the theology of joy, a spiritual philosophy about the unity of all life and how it can permanently actualized within one’s consciousness.

Through his profound embodiment and practice of the truth teaching of the great Wayshower, Dr. Homes, too, experienced a spiritual realization of the Christ Presence within himself. Words That Heal Today shows us how to change our thinking and change our life.

~ Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

CSL Dallas


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