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2020: Tip the Scales

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.” Joseph Campbell

“Herein is the mystery of life. You and I are intelligent centers using the creative word for that which we will [desire, intend, and choose]… and that creative word which we use becomes the law unto the thing whereunto it is sent and becomes the concept behind it and projects the thing, creates the thing in our life….The Law knows us only as we first know ourselves….and  Spirit controls Law. This is the great mystery, the limitless wonder of the universe – Life, which out of nothing, can make something.” Ernest Holmes 

This year we are ready to Tip the Scales, in our lives individually and collectively, toward a greater expression and experience of our Good, and the all Good for everyone – love, peace, joy, plenty, creativity, belonging, connection and wholeness. We tip the scales by focusing on and using our spiritual principles and practices, knowing and acting from the Truth. Our positive practice turns us away from focusing on, fretting about, or worrying over what we don’t want or what isn’t working. We put our practical spirituality joyfully, diligently and consistently to work on creating and contributing meaningful lives and to a harmonious world.

Our soul knows its purpose – to create a life that matters and is fulfilling. We tip the scales by engaging in the mystery of co-creation through our mind’s power of intention, attention, thinking and choosing. When we stop focusing on the problems, but instead focus on the limitless, infinite potential inherent in all spiritual beings, we tip the scales towards a life of cosmic consciousness, compassion, creativity and connection.

Our soul is yearning for a deeper realization and experience of the Presence within and Oneness with all. We tip the scales through the mystery of our heart’s ability to see ourselves, each other, and all people as beings of the One Life, despite the faults and flaws of our humanness. When we do this, we overcome our fear and doubt. 

We affirm, trust and act on the deep belief that we are always standing on holy ground and moving toward a greater Good for all. This in turns tips the scales in our communities, nation and the world. How to Use the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes is the perfect guide to begin our journey into these deeper mysteries. The practices of Science of Mind Tip the Scales of our ordinary, limited human lives to spiritually grounded, positively active, and cheerfully creative, extraordinary lives.

Book of the Month

How To Use The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

“We go in search of that which we already possess, but are not using.” – Ernest Holmes
Spirit is not far away, but is within ourselves, other people, and everywhere present. Why then, do we fall prey to unwanted conditions – illness, financial lack, relationship difficulties, loneliness and problems of every kind? Written as a manual for the practical applications of the principles set forth in The Science of Mind, this book takes the original philosophy of “change your thinking, change your life,” and explains a clear and definite scientific method of prayer that can help you overcome life’s obstacles and experience what you want in your life.

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