Tina Tinin

“There is a Mental Law in the Universe and when we use it, It becomes our Law because we have individualized It. (SOM 30/2)

I believe when we understand the Law and live in the Science of Mind Principles, we experience and express the Joy, Harmony, Beauty, Peace, Wellness & Wellbeing, Abundance & Prosperity and we can create our Desired Life regardless the conditions / situations around us for these qualities are our birthright. I have experienced these qualities in different areas in my life and I am so grateful to KNOW the Truth of my being.

I found CSL Dallas in 2012 and after the first Sunday Service I have felt it is my Spiritual Home and kept attending the Services regularly. In a short while I found myself attending the various Circle of Life Groups and Meetings as well. Since 2014 I have been involved and served in different Teams and currently leading the Spirit Sisters of CSL Dallas (Woman’s Circle) and working as co-team lead of Book Nook (Book Store of CSL Dallas)

I began to study Science of Mind in 2013 and since the first class I have taken –Foundation- the calling has been going deeper with love and joy and… brought me today.

Now, I am here for you to pray with you, to support you knowing that the Truth of your being and Spiritual Coaching.

With Love and Light

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