My grateful heart forever reminds me to see the richness of life that is available to each one of us. The power of spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer) combined with spiritual principles, has transformed my life and allowed me to know the Truth for others as well. We are the co-creators of our life experience, and I’m here to support you in creating a life that works for you!

It is my passion and honor to be in service to my spiritual home. Since I walked through the doors of CSLDallas in 2003, my life has truly been blessed beyond measure. When Spirit called me to go deeper and farther by becoming a licensed Practitioner in 2008, it was a natural unfoldment of my spiritual path.

My passion is individual spiritual coaching, teaching, and facilitating small group experiences. The laughter, the healing, the support, the learning, and the growth have all made my life immensely richer. I see the God in you… is joy, peace, love, abundance and wisdom expressing uniquely as you on your individual journey. I am here to support you on that journey as a reminder of your magnificence.

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