Sharon McGregor

I’ve walked many paths with philosophies from different religions and faiths; I seemed to be always in the inquiry of God. I found in Science of Mind a home and the completion of a journey where the voice of Spirit sings about Love and Wholeness. I found on this path that all of life is infinitely connected and all of creation is an individualized expression of God, of Spirit, of Divine Intelligence.

The power of this understanding is about fully embracing all of life in its diversity and beauty, including all, separated from none. I found in Science of Mind certainty, truth, love and a faith that resides so easily and gently in my soul. Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind, says “there is a power for good in the universe greater that you are and you can use it!” We co-create our lives with Spirit through our thoughts and beliefs and it is this power, and conviction in the Truth of Oneness, that we create new possibilities of good and abundance in our lives, no matter the circumstances or conditions that are out-picturing.

As a licensed Spiritual Coach I bring a listening and a recognition of who you are as Human and Divine. I am here to know and affirm in consciousness the Spiritual Truth of who you are and to put in motion the cause for your transformation and evolution. For it is in the Absolute, in God, that we see the reflection of our perfect nature; it is my task to reveal that nature: beautiful and multi-faceted, loved and whole, as I claim that you are a divine expression of Spirit. I look forward to stepping into prayer with you after service, via phone or letter, and in private sessions, to witness and celebrate the changes in your life that you desire!

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