Whatever we choose to call the Infinite Un-nameable – God, the Universe, Spirit, The Love and the Law, Life, Divine Mind, Consciousness, Quantum Field, First Cause, the One – I remember that the fabric of each and every one of us IS this infinitely intelligent, infinitely wise creative stuff that knows exactly what to do in each and every moment of our lives. I know that we are forever guided and guarded, directed and protected, in all of our affairs by this Infinite Intelligence, Presence, and Love. We are whole right here and now, and standing on this powerful, fertile, sacred ground. I know that we co-create our lives with Spirit through our thoughts and beliefs. What I know to be true for each and every one of us is that perfect health, infinite abundance, boundless joy, unceasing energy, divine flow, magnificent power, instant creativity, deep connection, and love is constantly available to us at all times! We have but to claim and receive it!

I know that the way is clear for all that you dream to do and have and be. I am honored to know and claim this Truth for you so that you may experience the greatest good possible in your lives. What may seem miraculous to some is simply the natural Infinite Power of Spirit manifesting in whatever area of life we bring this Consciousness to – ALL things are possible with God. I am here to support and assist you in times of trouble and challenge, and to celebrate with and magnify the good times when things are going well! I am here to know the Truth of WHO YOU ARE.

It’s my great pleasure to know this Truth for myself, for you, and for our CSLDallas local, regional, national, and international communities.  I am available to pray with you and do client sessions, and I am honored to serve you as a licensed practitioner at CSLDallas!

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