Jim Berrong

Jim Berrong started his professional career as a design-build architect in his home state of Wisconsin then transferred to being a marketing director for a national commercial building corporation, business development manager for a national office building developer and since 2002 he’s worked as a real estate broker having lived in Ohio, Mississippi, Kansas City, then Dallas since 1986.

Jim started exploring his Spiritual nature in his preteen years with self hypnosis, then meditation, yoga and reading. He continued and expanded on that path in different ways eventually being led to New Thought at the Unity Temple in Kansas City, then the Unitarian Universalists community in Highland Park and finally Religious Science here at CSLDallas in 2008. It’s with our community that Jim started his deep work quickly taking Foundations, then moving through virtually all the available classes, contributing through leadership in the CORE Counsel and Vision CORE and many committees.

Jim continues to learn, grow and contribute his time and talents to our community with great appreciation and love for how Science of Mind with the support of our leadership and members have enriched his living experience.