Lahoma “Faye” Abdus-Salaam, RScP

I was referred to CSLDallas by a spiritual life coach I was seeing back in 2009. I started attending CSLDallas in the fall of 2009 and became a member in 2011. As I took the classes, I watched my life transform in ways I could never imagine.

Having grown up in Christianity, practiced Islam and studied Metaphysics, Science of Mind helped me connect the dots with each of these, and even heal and release some experiences. As a teacher and coach, I enjoy having a vast background of experience to reach people and meet them where they are. I’m looking forward to serving as a practitioner and supporting the community’s growth and diversity.

I am passionate about helping others learn to use science of mind principles to create a life they love and remember the truth of who they are. I am grateful to be able to support others as so many practitioners and ministers have supported me along my journey. I am available for prayer, one-on-one sessions, group sessions, visioning or anyway you feel I may support you. I am thankful and honored to serve as a Licensed Practitioner at CSLDallas.

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