It is my great pleasure to serve the community in the capacity of Practitioner, offering prayer and coaching others on the life changing principles that Science of Mind offers. When I walked in the door of CSLDallas, I was lost and traveling through my own dark night of the soul. My life was out of balance, and I was seeking the joy that was missing in my life.

From the moment I walked in the door, I knew that I had found the spiritual home that would guide me in the change that I desired. I learned that happiness was not out there, it was within me. Discovering the truth of who I am has significantly changed my life. I have experienced joy beyond my wildest dreams, and I see the good in situations that I would have never imagined possible. I have discovered the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment and witnessed amazing demonstrations in my life as well as others. One of my favorite Ernest Holmes quotes sums it up nicely: “You are more than you appear to be. Life is greater than you have ever known it. The best is yet to come.” If you are interested in prayer, one on one coaching sessions, visioning for the highest good in your life, or if you would just like to chat about the truth of who you are, please contact me in person or by phone. I am grateful to be of service to you as a Practitioner.

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