What I love about CSLDallas and the Science of Mind is that I have learned how to become aware of my thoughts and consciously shift them. I am a ‘thinker’ and so most of my life I have understood spiritual principles, but I didn’t take the emotional step of actually trusting and believing what I read or learned until I came here and made a commitment to participate full-on as a member of the community. As a result, my life has been transformed and I am happier, more relaxed, and more ‘tuned in’ to my life and love.

I became a student of metaphysics as a teenager because I was driven to find answers about why I am here and how I can be happy. As an adult, I studied psychology and came to integrate my spiritual truth with a knowledge of human behavior. But I still wasn’t happy! That is, until I found the Science of Mind. I came to CSLDallas in 2008 and started taking classes right away. I felt like I was finally home for the first time in a community. Because I love education, the classes gave me a safe way to grow and learn what I actually believed about God, Love, and my value as a human being. This transformation was the result of practicing affirmative prayer and shifting my thoughts and attitudes. Once I did that, my life changed in amazing ways. I began to attract friends, a sense of purpose, and a deep peace within that I had been seeking my whole life.

As a result of taking classes and volunteering at the Center, I eventually found myself in Practitioner training, where I discovered that the best way for me to support others was through coaching and prayer.  In fact, I feel that this is what my life is for! I am here to support you in seeing the truth of who you are, to provide a safe container where you can discover your own goodness and well-being, and to provide coaching so that you can learn in a deep way that you are a magnificent spiritual being despite your history. As you learn to dive deeply into Spiritual Practice, your life will become one of joy and love. I would love to help you experience your innate beauty, goodness, and truth through prayer, classes, and coaching.

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