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Candy’s greatest love has always been music and singing.  Talented concert singers were plentiful in her family, and she began singing publicly at nine years old. After making a name for herself as voice performance student at The University of Oklahoma and in popular dance bands, she and The Prelude Band moved to Dallas to seek their fortunes.  The band quickly became a Dallas favorite, and Candy added theater, film, and voiceover credits to her resume’.  However, Candy will quickly tell you that her absolute favorite thing is singing with the band.

As Candy’s life lessons began to require deeper inspection, her spiritual trek led her to actively seek outside of her traditional Methodist upbringing.  Candy’s mother had been a long-time subscriber to Science of Mind magazine, and Candy remembers reading it even as a pre-teen.  She appreciated the magazine for helping her discover a spirituality that challenged and comforted her.  She found CSLDallas and Science of Mind in the mid-90s after she moved to Dallas.  The service was held in a school auditorium, and Michael Gott’s sincere music touched her heart.  This, maybe, was her place to balance the dizzying pace of Dallas with the spiritual grounding that she needed.  After the church service was over, she introduced herself to Michael Gott and told him she wanted to sing with him.  That began a long relationship with the church, and eventually, she served as Assistant Music Director with Michael Gott as Music Director.  She has ventured away from CSLDallas several times during the decades that she’s been a member, but Candy says that no other place has supported her continued growth like CSLDallas has.

Candy is a retired middle school Language Arts teacher, and she presently works with The Artist Outreach in using music, dance, and rhythm to teach literacy skills and math in elementary school classrooms.  She is grateful for this time in her life when again she can focus on creating and expressing the songs that touch her soul.   You can check out her original music on YouTube and at candycwilliams.com.