From Whence We Came

If you like history, then From Whence We Came is a course you will find most interesting. You won’t have to memorize dates or place names. The history is one of those ideas which converged in American culture to become what we now know as Religious Science and the larger New Thought movement. These ideas originally arose before recorded history but were rediscovered in the 19th century by some notable people whose works are read and discussed in this course. These great luminaries of New Thought were the first to frame them in words and make them accessible to the general public.

Length of Class:  10 weeks

Prerequisite: Foundations of the Science of Mind

Points: 30

Text Books:
Emerson’s Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Philosophy of Ernest Holmes (Vol. 1 of the Holmes Papers)
The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward
Scientific Christian Mental Practice by Emma Curtis Hopkins

Tuition & Fee: $295

This is a Science of Mind & Spirit Track, LEVEL TWO History Course


From Whence We Came