Intro to Spiritual Practices

Ready to go deeper? Develop your practice, refine your inner guidance skills, and discover your personal path. Spiritual maturing and personal growth are based on a daily connection with yourself and the Divine. Learn the most powerful spiritual technology there is to create the life that expresses the love, joy, peace, prosperity, and fulfillment you desire while releasing all your old fears and doubts.

Develop an understanding of the way consciousness evolves and creates to find your place in the matrix of the Universe. Experience the realization of Oneness. Dive deeper into Spiritual Mind Treatment, Meditation, learn to manifest and connect in ways you never dreamed possible.


Length of Class: 5-weeks

Text Books:

  • Can We Talk to God – Ernest Holmes
  • Journey of Awakening – Ram Dass

Tuition: $125

We recommend you first take Universal Spiritual Principles and Practices, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, or Foundations. This will better prepare you for the core concepts used in this course, but they are not required to take Level Two courses.

This is a  Science of Mind, LEVEL TWO Consciousness Course


New Dates Coming Soon