Inward Journey

ARE YOU READY? You’ve taken a bunch of courses, you’ve worked on yourself and your spirituality, and you are ready to go deeper than ever before…are you sure? 

Once you know what you know, you can’t ever unknow it, ever again!

This is the ultimate personal growth course of evolving consciousness and applying the tools for co-creative living. A journey into releasing the limitations and stagnant patterns while learning to ignite the passion within. This “all about me” interactive and experiential class is an inner exploration of your life and creating of a powerful, new one through principles and practice. 

In this course you will:

Term One – examine how your life got to be the way it is. Oh yes, you’ve done therapy and looked at your past, but never from this point of view. A whole new revelation awaits when you explore from consciousness and see how your past became cause. 

Term Two – explore how the causes, beliefs, and habits of the past are playing out in your current reality. Decide to take responsibility, become compassionate, and unravel the deepest ideas and behaviors that are holding you back or keeping you from your best self.

Term Three – discover your future and how you can become causal and make choices from a deeply grounded, powerfully expressive, and self aware inner reality. Become fearless, develop courage, and decide to go for the life you have come here to live and the contribution you have come here to make!

The reading takes you far, the conversations break you open, the interactions take you deep….are you willing to do the rest and apply what you learn in a more committed and powerful way than ever before? If so, you might just be ready for your Inward Journey.


Length of Class: 27 weeks

Tuition: $800

Textbooks: As of 2023, we are piloting new Advanced Consciousness Studies curriculum. Please see below for the required readings, and upon registering additional course material will be provided.

The Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes 
Living the Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes 
The Untethered Soul – Michael Singer 
This Thing Called You – Ernest Holmes  

The Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes 
Living the Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes 
The Sacred Continuum – Stephanie Sorensen 

The Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes 
Living the Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes 
Elegant Choices, Healing Choices – Marsha Senetar

This is a  Science of Mind, LEVEL THREE Course. There are significant prerequisites for this course. Please check Spiritual Development, Level Three, on our Education page. 



New Dates coming soon