“Change your thinking, change your life.” Ernest Holmes

Deepen your understanding of the Nature of Reality and application of the  principles of the Science of Mind in this FREE, ongoing class.

Whether you been part of CSLDallas for a while, or simply between classes, this is the perfect place to go deeper into the teachings of Science of Mind and our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes. We study our “textbook,” The Science of Mind, line-by-line, paragraph-by-paragraph, getting greater understanding and learning deeper application for our positive, practical spirituality. Come every week, or come when you can, there is always an insight or “aha” here for you.

Science of Mind is a compilation of the great thoughts of the ages, the deep mystical yearnings of minds in search of God, and the modern approach to a faith, which can be demonstrated. In its practice and teachings, Science of Mind endeavors to include the whole life. It is a way of life focused on joy, freedom from fear, and justified by results. Science of Mind offers the world what it has been waiting for – a faith whereby fear and superstition have been removed and universal spiritual principles are presented in plain, simple, and direct ways so that we may each learn to live now, in the present, with the knowledge and trust that the Universe is for us and not against us.

FREE Interactive Class – Exploring the Science of Mind
Sundays: 9:15 – 10:15am

Led by Dr Petra Weldes