As our awareness of the Wholeness and Unity of Life has grown, even our businesses have come to understand the inextricable links between people, planet, and profit. In leading-edge corporate cultures this is called the triple bottom line. We can also contribute to this triple bottom line in the daily choices we make. And we can contribute our spiritual awareness and intentionality in service to this holistic view of a world that works for everyone. To this end, CSLDallas has created a powerful series. Please join us for these three Sundays and lend your energy to the healing and raising of the consciousness of all humanity.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Sunday, Sept 22 - A Ripple of Peace - Celebrating World Peace Day

10:30am – Noon

See how we create ripples of peace in our own lives through a skit performed by our Ritual Team. Explore how interconnected we truly are as we include all the places our ancestors came from. Designed with Intentionality and Prayers to bring all people around the world into a Sacred Circle for World Peace.

Please bring a special snack or desert to share after our Celebration Service from the home of one of your ancestors for International Cuisine Day at CSLDallas.

Sunday, Sept 29 – Prayer and Meditation for the Planet

10:30am – Noon

Our planet doesn’t need our prayers – it is our own consciousness, as humans, that needs to be healed and raised out of the idea of exploitation, indifference, or carelessness about how we treat our beautiful home. Lend your consciousness to this Sunday of meditation, prayers, songs, and stories – see the shift and lifting of human hearts and minds so that our planet is restored to Harmony and Wholeness.

Sunday, Oct 6 - Living in an Abundant Universe Is Our Prosperity

10:30am – Noon

The Abundance of Life – it is all around us once we stop interfering in the natural flow of creation. As we grow our mental equivalent of this pure and absolute abundance, we see that nothing can threaten it. Caring for people, peace, and planet aligns us with the Spiritual Truth of Life Itself. Our prosperity and everyone’s prosperity are expanded when our people and our planet are thriving. This is the natural outcome of living in alignment with the Divine Reality and Spiritual Truth.