November at CSLDallas

  Gratitude Is More Than You Think

Let’s go deeper into our contemplations of Gratitude. It’s not just about being polite; Spirit does not need it from us. Gratitude is a profoundly affirmative and generative act. It actually changes everything. Here are some words of wisdom on gratitude to contemplate all month:

“Gratitude is where freedom and destiny meet because gratitude is a divine doorway to the fulfillment of destiny. When you consciously choose to express thanksgiving, this sets causation into motion to manifest your destiny of Wholeness in every expression of life.” – Michael Beckwith

“The attitudes of praise and thanksgiving are salutary. They not only lighten the consciousness, lifting it out of sadness and depression; they elevate consciousness to a point of acceptance. Praise and thanksgiving are affirmations of the Divine Presence, the Divine abundance and the Divine givingness. It is only when we live affirmatively that we are happy. It is only when we recognize that the Universe is built on affirmations that we can become happy.” – Ernest Holmes

“When your heart if filled with gratitude, it is grateful for everything and cannot focus on what is missing. When your attention is on your scarcity, you are telling the universal spirit that you need more and are not grateful for all that you have. The nature of gratitude is supportive of our fullness and abundance, and acknowledges that we are the recipients of the generosity of others, of life and of the universal spirit.” – Wayne W. Dyer

“The grateful heart will always attract to itself in one way or another, through human hands or through wonder-working ways, the great things needed to solve the particular situation. It is an outworking that you can stake your life on.” – Eric Butterworth

“Gratitude is not only a virtue, but it also is part of a practical philosophy of daily life. There is no wiser way of living than to remember every morning what Life has given us, and to lift up our thought in thankfulness for every bounty we possess.” – Ernest Holmes

“There is something about the mental act of thanksgiving that seems to carry the human mind far beyond the region of doubt into the clear atmosphere of faith and trust, where all things are possible. Even if at first you are not conscious of having received anything from God, do not worry or cease from your thanksgiving. Do not go back of it again to the asking, but continue to give thanks that while you waited you did receive and that what you received is not manifest; and believe me, you will soon rejoice and give thanks, not rigidly from a sense of duty, but because of the sure manifest fulfillment of your desire.” – H. Emilie Cady

“It has been said that “the prayer of thanksgiving is the prayer of appropriation.” This was the manner in which Jesus prayed when he raised Lazarus from the tomb: “Father, I thank thee . . .” Recognition, unification, and realization are the three steps in prayer or treatment. When we speak the words of thanksgiving to the God within, knowing “before they ask will I answer,” there is something in this attitude of thanksgiving that carries us beyond the field of doubt into one of perfect faith and acceptance, receptivity . . . realization. Appreciation, gratitude and thanksgiving – the motive power which attracts and magnifies the hidden potentialities of life.” – Ernest Holmes

“What Paul does say is “in all things give thanks.” In other words, despite the problems of lack, or even because of them, the need is to get yourself recentered in the awareness of the ever-presence of substance. And the most effective way to accomplish this is by thanksgiving. Paul is stressing the importance of the grateful heart, not simply an expression of gratitude for things, but a heart that is grateful (full of greatness).” – Eric Butterworth



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