Meadow Room

Class Description:

Grades 1-3

Spiritual Theme: Spirit is all there is. Spirit shows up as me. Uniquely I co-create my life.

In this class we start with discussion about the monthly theme and we finish with a related book, art or physical activity for 1st – 3rd graders. We focus on SOM practices like affirmative prayer or meditation.
Our goal is to have fun while learning about spirituality in ways that can be immediately implemented in our lives.  Pictures and a short synopsis of the class are posted on the JOY Village private Facebook group and parental involvement is always welcome. 



Betty is a mom who works as a professional graphic designer/illustrator and has taught art and graphic design to personal clients, adults, and at-risk youth periodically throughout her career.

She has attended CSLDallas for 5 years and has been a teacher in JOY Village for 4 years. Betty also creates and shows art in a variety of styles.