Jun 26, 2018 | Spirituality in the World

Response to Las Vegas Mass Shooting

October 3, 2017

The Power of Divine Love

“I now command the multitude of doubts and fears that crowd into my mind to be quiet, while the Divine miracle takes place in my life. I let every good I possess become multiplied as Divine Love acts upon my faith to bring into my experience everything necessary for (our) well-being.”
~ From 365 Days of Richer Living, Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker

I cannot think of a better message for any of us in this teaching at this time.

With each passing day, it’s as though the “multitudes of doubts and fears” grow exponentially, demanding us to show our strength. While it may feel as though we are bombarded and that we reel from one crisis to the next, in fact, we are being called to expand our faith and trust in what we hold to be true – that: Love is the impulsion of the Universe. Dr. Holmes wrote,

Now is not the time to succumb to crisis fatigue. We can not allow ourselves to go numb, turn away, react, or despair. We are in this for the long haul of humanity’s awakening.

It is now when the world appears as if we are at war, with ourselves, each other, and the planet, that I call on us to respond to that perceived separation with the LOVE, that answers all. It is now that we step up in a shared profound belief and knowledge that we lead with love. We do so when it’s easy, yes, but it’s imperative we do so when it seems impossible. We shall not allow hurtful or hateful actions of a few demoralize us when we can embody and be beacons of a faith that can free the world. We’re being called to see through the mist and bring forward the power of Divine Love. This is what it means to see and to be the Light. It is up to us to be the guardians of a greater consciousness for this entire planet.

The call is clear…
Daily we meditate, and daily we do Spiritual Mind Treatment. Daily we speak spiritual truth – we say NO to human error and YES to humanity’s best and highest possibility. Daily we act and model behavior of kindness and caring, in alignment with our values and principles.

We encourage our Centers and communities to engage in positive activities:

For those eligible to give blood, do so. I have been in contact with Rev. Doug Fogelsong, one of our ministers in Las Vegas, and he informs me that the greatest service we can do beyond sending love is to give blood.

Create opportunities for people to gather together for spiritual practice and affirmative support.

Encourage locally-initiated activities in support of those in need – whether that be this latest tragedy in Las Vegas, natural disasters, or some other local area need.

Speak out from your courage and strength, reminding everyone that humanity is far better than these isolated instances.

Find news items that show humanity’s best actions, interest, decisions, and activities.

We are here to reveal the Truth that is already within each and every being on this planet. It is this practice, of being in service – of living in love – that is our intention and within this is the seed of inner healing.

And so we stand together – knowing that when we do so, we bring Great Good to a thirsty world.