July at CSLDallas

Tip the Scales – Part 2


Here we are, half-way through the year in which we declared we are Tipping the Scales from Fear to Love, and look what has happened: The pandemic with increasing deaths despite the safer-at-home and mask-wearing protocols; the shooting of black men and women by police sparking Black Lives Matter protests here and around the world; unemployment at levels higher than the Great Depression; everyone trying to stay connected online and through technology as well as working from home, many with toddlers and children also at home — it’s been a hell-of-a 6 months.

Yet all of this is an opportunity for humanity to continue to awaken to our spiritual magnificence, to our oneness, and to our personal responsibility for our own lives and how our choices impact each other and the planet on which we live. Yes, we are truly tipping the scales in so many ways. So let’s make sure we are using our spiritual tools to support the scales tipping from fear to love – in our own lives, in our nation, and in the world.

How marvelous that this month begins with a celebration of the experiment of democracy created through our independence as a nation. So much to explore about the freedoms we have, to choose and to create, and how those freedoms can be used to support the creation of a world that works. Science of Mind’s spiritual principles and practices provide a whole new way of engaging in shifting the underlying beliefs and habits of our culture and society, that we may live up to the aspirations of our founding documents. Let us continue to speak this word of equity, unity, interconnectedness, and compassion into being with all the passion and conviction we have. Now is the time. We are the ones.

As we’ve seen, the health and well-being of our society and our world is intimately tied to the health and well-being of individuals. Continuing to Tip the Scales in favor of lives that work – that are meaningful, fulfilling, and contribute to personal growth, healthy families, constructive work, and creative expression. The freedoms we affirm align with Science of Mind’s recognition that each individual is spiritually free to be and must be free to become all that they can be. Learning the power of mindful choices creates a mature freedom that aligns with the inner promptings of Love at the heart of our teachings.
There is so much we can do, bringing our spiritual principles and practices to bear in support of our actions and work, that can make a difference. Now is the time for the second push towards tipping the scales everywhere. Take the time to recharge, renew, rejuvenate with spiritual and personal stillness while keeping ourselves firmly engaged in all the ways we are tipping the scales. Spiritual community and connection helps support, motivate, and empower us as we walk the path together.

Finally, it is critical that as we balance here in the mid-point of the year that we trust the process that is taking place. We are tipping the scales from the fear of lack to the love of life, in new ways of working and connecting in our personal lives, to new ways of seeing people and planet as equal to, if not more important than, the acquisition of material goods, corporate profit, and stressful striving. There is inherent in Life a Law of Growth that reminds us that Universal Principles are always working in our favor – the favor of Life to grow and express itself in all its fullness and glory. Science of Mind provides us with a powerful expectation for Good to be the outcome, no matter how messy, challenging, or awful the road may be.

It’s been a wild ride! Take a deep breath. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Stay the course! Together, as a community, we continue to Tip the Scales from Fear to Love. We celebrate those who are using this time to create and grow. We acknowledge the work each person is doing to stay healthy and sane. We support each person who is struggling to move into thriving. We empower each of us in our purposeful contribution to tipping the scales.



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