Holidays at CSLDallas

Letting the Light In: Sacred Blue Holiday Ritual

For some of us, the holidays are a time of quiet despair and deep sadness. We struggle to find the “cheer” or simply have never found joy at this time of year.

Whether this is an annual state of affairs or the result of a change this year, we recognize that life isn’t always magical, and miracles aren’t guaranteed.

In a gentle ritual and community, let your soul speak and your heart be seen. And for those who aren’t immersed in the struggle, you are invited to stand in love, hope, and witness. To participate online, just have a candle nearby whenever you’re watching.

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Emerging Love: Hanukkah & Bodhi Day

As Eastern and Western traditions cross paths this time of year, let us also come together in celebration of strength, commitment, and faith, transcending boundaries, and embracing the unfamiliar.

Just as Hanukkah and Bodhi Day illuminate the path to light and enlightenment, our gathering reminds us that diverse traditions and perspectives can unite us in a shared journey toward greater love and awareness, even in the face of the unknown.


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Emergence of cosmic light: Pagan & Wiccan Winter Solstice

Today, in our climate-controlled homes and businesses, we are far removed from changing seasons and creeping darkness. Yet our climate is seriously growing out of control, and there is a darkness in the heart of our culture.

The ancient northern peoples beat their drums in defiance of the dark and lit their bonfires to call for the return of the light. And the Light returned! This is the Cosmic Light we celebrate in defiance of our fear or despair.

For this year’s Winter Solstice, we light a bonfire of truth in our hearts that our flame may awaken humanity and bring hope to our future.

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Coming of the Cosmic Christ: Christmas Eve Service

Please note we are closed on Sunday morning. There is no Sunday morning Science of Mind Class, Celebration, JOY Village Program, or Spiritual Support with Practitioners. Please join us in the evening for our Christmas Eve Service.

Humanity has been awed by shamans, shamed by priests, and longed for saviors. Wise women, enlightened gurus, and spiritual teachers have continually lifted our hearts and fed our souls.

Over the centuries Ancient Wisdom and New Thought have become woven together, bringing a new awareness of truth that frees our mind and awakens our spirit. Yet there is more to come. An Emergence is now called for – a coming of the cosmic Christ. Celebrate with us as we answer the call! Followed by holiday cookies and cider in Pahnke Hall.

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Emerging beloved community: Kwanzaa

Light and Love are not just abstract principles, nor pious spiritual ideals. They are only made real by the grit and pressure of connection and community.

It is easy to be enlightened alone, but as we all know, wherever two or more are gathered, differences appear. Spiritual maturity is most evident when we actualize love and light in the midst of discord. Oneness is most evident when we live from love in the care and respect for others. Wholeness is most evident when we bring light to our impact on the community(s) in which we live.

The Principles of Kwanzaa bring forward the integrity of the ancestors into our challenging world today. Every day that we affirm, commit to, and actualize love and light in our dealings with the planet, our nation, and each other, we are part of the emerging beloved community.

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New Year’s Day – Burning Bowl Ritual

A New Year! Will it be different from the year before? Only if we make it so!

We begin by leaving behind anything we don’t want to take into 2024, no matter what it is. Burn up the old, literally! Let that sh*t go! Then we stay, for a moment, in the sweet in-between place. A breath. An opening…and then the possibility.

What is this new year going to be about for us? Not a list of resolutions we have no intention of keeping. Rather, we listen for the revelation in the whisper of our heart or the shout from our soul.

The only way out is through, and the only way for it to be different, is for something to be new. Let it be You! Let it be us, as we travel through 2024 together, in community, awakening humanity and working to create a world that works for everyone!

In-Person & Online Via Facebook and Youtube | Childcare Provided