Meeting Information: 

On the 3rd Saturday of every month we meet from 10:00am – 11:30am.

We will be meeting in person. Please reach out to the Circle Leader for updated information on the time of the meeting.

We begin with a centering meditation and prayer and then begin the exercise of Dialogue.

“If we are to live in harmony with ourselves and with nature, we need to be able to communicate freely in a creative movement in which no one permanently holds to or otherwise defends his own ideas.” ~ David Bohm


Purpose: The Circle serves as a path to finding shared meaning in our community. When separateness, prejudice, and biases disrupt our collective sense of balance we yearn for a wholesome response. A uniquely brilliant solution was put forth in a book written by the great 20th-century thinker and theoretical physicist David Bohm. The name of Bohm’s seminal work is “On Dialogue”.

So what is it?

It is learning to listen without preparing to speak. To listen to another with an open heart and open mind. To see another without judgment.

To expand our limited experience by being deeply open to another’s experience

To feel heard and seen in complete safety. It is a gift we give ourselves to step outside the haste of today’s pace. No one is right and no-one is wrong. We are not there to convince anyone of anything. It is a beautiful experience of careful thoughtful observations without the pressure to fill the space, silence is our friend.

You are welcome to join us. You will find as most dialoguers, learning to listen carefully has improved all conversations

What is the process of Dialogue?

“On Dialogue” is squarely aimed at uncovering the personal biases and prejudice that exist in all of us. The Dialogue process gives each of us an opportunity to safely explore the assumptions that belie the beliefs that support separation in its many forms. Separation is simply the distance we must navigate to find shared meaning.

The Circle is a sacred container that nourishes safety, confidentiality and mutual respect. Dialogue protocols add the disciplines of suspending judgment, silence when silence happens and listening generously with intent to be influenced by shared meaning.

If you have participated you know the amazing experience it is in community building and personal growth. Now we allow anyone who has participated in Dialogue before to attend whenever they want.

Come when you like, just let us know you are coming so we set up for the correct attendees. If you have been in one of the 5 classes since 2017 you know the protocols and you will be on the roster to receive notice of the meeting and the topic.

If you like the topic or just want to practice deep listening without judgment, RSVP us you’re attending. Let’s all Dialogue together making you and me, and this planet a little better!


Please email Jeff Fritts at jefffritts@me.com prior to attending so that you can be given instructions beforehand



Leaders of Circle

Jeff Fritts, jefffritts@mac.com,

Facilitators:  Carl Hunt and Tom Boldrey