Forest Room

Class Description:

grades 4-6

Spiritual Theme: Spirit is all there is. Spirit shows up as me. I uniquely co-create my life. I show up as gratitude.

Every Sunday students circle up, get centered, light the class candle and create an environment steeped in positive energy by burning incense and settling in to talk about their preceding week. Games, projects and discussions really help drive CSLDallas’ monthly theme, affirmative prayer treatment steps, and other spiritual living practices like meditation home. This age group is super focused on having friends, improving academics, navigating homelife, and excelling in extracurricular interests. The Forest Room is the perfect environment for learning to empower themselves and create their ideal lives through Universal Laws and Principles.


Osunlade Edwards

As a natural teacher, professional healer, and 30 year student of metaphysics and indigenous wisdom, nothing excites her more than seeing the “lightbulb” come on in the lives of the children in her classroom as they begin to apply Science of Mind principles in their worlds.

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Osunlade is also the mother of 3 sons, all of whom have been active members of CSLDallas’ Joy Village during the entire 16 years their family has been members of the CSLDallas community. In addition to her spiritual coaching practice, she has taught spiritual and peaceful parenting workshops at various homeschool conferences in Texas for more than a decade. She’s a vibrant foodie, loves to write and journal, craves the beach, and is an avid reader.