Everything you can imagine is real.  Pablo Picasso

Sipping your morning coffee while checking your emails, you might notice an invitation on your screen to look at other places on the planet. So you click on the earth map and find yourself zooming in on the great pyramids of Giza. Suddenly it’s as if you are standing on the apex of the greatest archeological find on the planet, rubbing sand from your eyes as you tour this ancient and exotic land, all before breakfast. What an adventure technology now offers: the ability to open your eyes and see the world as you’ve never before had the opportunity to.

Something even more marvelous than technology is your ability to turn within and travel in your awareness to these mythical lands. In your meditative states you can return to a time when the pharaohs ruled those lands and Karnack’s temple of pillars was bustling with life. You can climb the passage to the king’s chamber, lie down in his sarcophagus and be initiated into the high priesthood. The mystery of the Sphinx can be revealed to you. What an adventure, indeed! Often we forget that this is a possibility, that meditation can open our eyes to see the universe like never before. The beauty of inner dimensional travel is that we don’t need an Internet provider because we are always connected.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where on the planet would you like to visit? Take a trip there on the earth map. Then close your eyes, open your heart, and see if your subjective can deliver you into the energetic activities of a heightened time for that location.

Affirmation: I am boundless!