Silence is Spirit’s first language; everything else is a poor translation.  Father Thomas Keating

If you’ve ever felt the presence of Spirit, you no longer feel alone in the world. Having had that experience, you know you are not alone in facing the challenges in your life. This is a sense of freedom you could never know otherwise, because in this knowing, you are not dependent on human intervention to assist you through. The Divine hand may look like it’s working through someone or some agency, but that is just one of the Infinite channels through which Spirit is showing up in a relevant way in your life. The Presence goes before you to make the crooked ways straight. It also walks beside you, has your back covered, and paves the way for your experience. This is why a conscious realization of living, moving, and having your being in Spirit blesses you before you even know you have need of it.

So starting off your day in conscious connection with your Source not only can’t hurt, it makes the most sense as to how to greet every day of your life going forward. This is the sole purpose of meditation. Once the Divine experience is realized, you’ll be on the right track for the rest of your day. Your conscious intention establishes what you will manifest. You’ll come to know the joyous abundance that appropriately expresses as your life and you’ll more easily recognize the activity of the Divine having fun as you.

Spiritual Contemplation: Take time each morning of this week to consciously connect with Spirit before you get rolling with the day. After reading the daily inspiration, sit with it in the silence for ten minutes connecting you with something greater than the words. Viola – you are meditating

Affirmation: My morning time with Spirit is a priority in my day!