What is God? What is the Nature of Reality?

There are many words you can substitute for “God” to get at the nature of reality. Try reading this paragraph over again each time substituting a different word for God. Try Inifinte, One, Universe, The Force, Energy, Consciousness, Ultimate Reality, Buddha Nature, Christ Consciousness, Light, or Love and see what aspects of the Whole is revealed to you.

“God is life; not some life but all life. God is action; not some action but all action.  God is power; not some power but all power. God is presence; not some presence but all presence.  God is pure Spirit, filling all space. This pure Spirit animates your every act. There is a real you, which lives in a real God, and the two are one. To know this is to understand the secret of life.  To realize this is to understand your relationship with the Divine Presence. To realize that the law of God is written in your own mind is to make available to you a power that can meet every need.”  Ernest Holmes