September at CSLDallas

Reimagine Self-Expression: Learning and Growing 

Reimagining self-expression begins with reimagining who or what the Self is that is expressing. Too much time is spent on seeing life from a wistful, disempowered human perspective. We feel small, broken, incapable, and flawed which translates into placating or angry behaviors and a desire to be either invisible or invincible. We believe we are here to learn lessons, become enlightened or saved, and seek something to fix/heal/or overcome our human limitations. 

But this is not who, or what, we are.  The self is the Self individualizing as us. The Self we are expressing – the spiritual strength, wisdom, beauty, joy, and love – is the very truth of our being. We are, as Richard back calls us, “the creative, playful otters of the Universe.” We are the way the Universe is becoming aware of Itself as the creative Self that is the impulse and love behind all of creation. 

This means you are neither broken, flawed, incapable, or small. Your Spirit is the Self as YOU. And your mission is to express the unique way the Infinite is Individualized as You. This means you are here to create, express, and experience life through the very sense of separation, limitation, and finitude that is the way this individuality is created. In one sense, you are the window of experience back to the Self. Your actions are the primer from which the Self grows. Your choices are the way the Self gets to see what creates life, furthers love, and what hinders it. 

So here we are, in Earth School, in the physical universe along the space-time continuum. Our freedom of self-expression is our ability to make choices and decisions. It is also then the experience of unintended consequences. Our learning from outcomes educates us in the quality of our choices – are they in alignment with the deep Self of Love that we are or are they trying to fill the place within that believes in the reality of our sense of separation? 

To break out of the limitation of our human perspective we have to think outside that box. Out-of-the-box thinking is all the rage in creative and leadership circles, and increasingly so as we navigate the world we find ourselves in today. But this out-of-the-box thinking is even further out of the box.  Exploring our Spirit as the universal made individualized is about as far out of the box as you can get.   

What if every problem was actually something new wanting to grow? What if every challenge was simply an opportunity to practice the magic of manifestation? What if every moment of despair was our soul’s reminder that we are standing in the wrong place? What if each time we feel broken, disconnected, or inadequate it was the Infinite calling us back to our truest Self? 

Plato said all learning is simply remembering. What if we are constantly being invited to remember who and what we truly are? Our culture has become over-psychologized and addicted to self-improvement. Your Self cannot and does not need to be improved, for it is made of stardust and is the clarion call of Life to become more and more than Its ever been before.  

What can be improved are understanding, awareness, and skills. Unfortunately, all these take discipline, time, and practice. Most of us, as adults, have forgotten how to learn new things. We feel awkward. We feel like it means we aren’t doing it right. We cling to what we know. And, most damaging of all, we want to master it quickly. And we think that all this means it doesn’t work or isn’t worth doing.  

All awakening and skill building takes time and practice. This is one of our whys – why we come together, in classes, in small groups, and in the community. So, we can empower and encourage each other along the way; give pointers as needed; help each other over the rough spots, and celebrate the moments when our true Self breaks through!  

Ultimately, our human life is about the journey, not the destination. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s one of the truest ones you’ll ever learn. We are not just here to create. We are also here to enjoy life. This is why our humanness is so beautiful, amazing, and necessary. Our humanity is the window through which the Self enjoys Its own creation. Our bodies, senses, feelings, energies, and thoughts are the ways we take in and experience the creations we, individually and collectively, have expressed. Our humanity is what allows us to appreciate and know that we are loving all the ways the Self is showing up as other people, other beings, and all of life. Without our humanity, we would be disembodied souls, a Self without expression and no way to experience the Love which is the heartbeat of Life. 

So let us stop trying to improve or fix ourselves; rather, learn to be in the moment, savor the experiences, grow from the feedback, and over and over seek to make decisions that co-create heaven right here on earth.