December at CSLDallas

Soar with Love

Every year we highlight and celebrate the religious holidays that all happen in December. This has allowed us to learn about various world religions and their traditions. As a diverse and inclusive spiritual community, it’s so wonderful to explore what others are celebrating this time of year.

The fact that we celebrate the same traditions every year also provides a ritualized grounding for the cycles and seasons of our lives. As we gather together, we remember where we’ve been in previous iterations of the ritual and we notice who is missing and who is added this year. It’s a way to mark the wheel of time, and allows us to grieve losses, acknowledge changes, and celebrate continuity and newness.

This year we are honoring the spiritual gift each holiday contributes to our grounding in Light and Love. Every faith, tradition, and ritual add to humanity’s evolution and invites us into deeper awareness of cosmic consciousness. Standing on this holy ground we have a firm place to discover who we are and from which we soar into our lives.

Weekly themes for Sundays and Wednesdays:

1st week – When the Light is Dim (Blue Holiday)
2nd week – Become the Light (Bodhi Day)
3rd week – Legacy of Love (Family traditions)
4th week – The Light of Love (Hanukah & Solstice)
Christmas Eve – Soar with Love (Christian)
5th week – Love is the Light (Kwanzaa)

Annual celebrations become an ongoing awareness of Love and Light. This inner awareness creates a deeper commitment to soar into our lives. We soar the highest when we are grounded in the deepest place of Love and Light within. This is the Cosmic Consciousness of the I AM principle, the ONE Power and Presence, in which we live and move and have our being. Come home to the Light and Soar with Love this holiday season with us at CSLDallas.

CSL Dallas