August at CSLDallas

Reimagine Faith

When things are constantly changing, it is our faith that pulls us through. Ernest Holmes wrote: “Faith is a mental attitude, so inwardly embodied that the mind can no longer deny it.”

So, the question is this: What do you have faith in? What is the mental attitude you believe in so much that it must manifest in your life?

Do you have faith that the disruptions in your life will lead to something good, meaningful, exciting and joyful? Or do you find yourself believing disruption leads to pain, failure, loss or death?

This month we focus on reimagining faith as a tangible, measurable and dependable experience we can use to remember that everything is either good – or leading to good.

It is our faith that allows us to believe the overall direction of life is positive. It is our faith that reminds us we can never be disconnected from Spirit. It is our faith that prepares us to be joyful and to expand the good in our lives. It is our faith that prepares us to be “maniacs” for love.

Once we begin consciously focusing on noticing the good things that are always manifesting, we start to see the spiritual truth that everything is happening “for” us, not just “to” us. We stop being victims and instead start looking for the Divine Solution when things happen that we we either didn’t expect or desire.

It is impossible to believe that pain or suffering is required when we develop the habit of evaluating whatever is happening from the perspective that spiritual law is always moving forward toward Good. When our faith is strong, we can shift away from believing that there is a Power in the Universe that wants to punish us and replace that false belief with a strong conviction that there is a spiritual Presence that is only and always focused on filling us up with the best life has to offer.

The kind of faith we teach and practice in Science of Mind is a faith that undergirds joy. It’s all God, all the time. We have the ability to work through challenging circumstances from a place of confidence and clarity that empowers us. We make decisions that lead us toward our vision instead of thinking we need to be protected from being a victim. This is cause for celebration!