Ernest Holmes, Life & Times

Be inspired by Ernest Holmes’ life and deepen your understanding of Science of Mind.

Discover the path of Ernest Holmes, a great scholar, teacher, metaphysician and visionary who, from his youth, exhibited an insatiable curiosity about science, philosophy and religion.

Engage in the deeper understanding of the Science of Mind philosophy — “Spirit and Mind – East and West” — in complex ideas and simple explanations. Immerse yourself in the stimulating, challenging, bold realizations about mental science from which Ernest Holmes inspired a life-transforming, New Thought religion.

In 8 weeks you will:

  • Familiarize yourself with the life and teachings of Ernest Holmes
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the philosophy of Holmes’ works and beliefs
  • Discuss Spiritual Mind Treatment and how it affects consciousness and demonstration
  • Clarify the history of the New Thought movement
  • Examine sections of the Science of Mind textbook
  • Explore your spiritual history through personal timelines
  • Participate in experiential exercises

Length of Class:  8 weeks

Prerequisite:  Foundations of the Science of Mind

Points: 24

Text Books:

Open at the Top – Neal Vahle

That Was Ernest – Reginald C. Armor

Plus other selected books by Ernest Holmes

Tuition & Fee: $245

This is a  Science of Mind & Spirit Track, LEVEL TWO Philosophy Course



Ernest Holmes Life and Times

Cost: $245